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College Catalog & Student Handbook 2018-19 
College Catalog & Student Handbook 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Arts & Sciences Programs

Arts and Sciences

The Arts and Sciences Division of Indian Hills Community College is dedicated to serving the wide range of students who take classes in the division. Arts and Sciences courses leading to an associate degree are offered at both the Ottumwa and Centerville campuses and at the county service centers.

Students desiring a four-year baccalaureate degree can take the first two years at Indian Hills Community College, earn an associate degree, and transfer to another college or university. Some students take individual courses and apply them toward transfer elsewhere, while others may need specific classes for preparation in a particular career field. Finally, some students may enroll in classes simply to increase their knowledge in that course’s content area. Arts and Sciences can satisfy each one of these students’ needs.

The mission of the Arts and Sciences Division is fulfilled through a curriculum combining traditional (classroom) and non-traditional (i.e., distance education, service learning) delivery forms that enable students:

  1. to think critically and creatively;
  2. to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;
  3. to use mathematics, science, and technologies appropriate to the student’s fields of interest; and
  4. to recognize and appreciate historical, cultural, artistic, and/or personal concepts of society, native as well as global.

Science Majors (Ottumwa Campus)

The following is a recommended course sequence for Associate of Science majors and students interested in majoring in a science, engineering or another technical field. The courses should be taken in the order listed to avoid scheduling conflicts and to insure that all courses can be completed in two years. Students without a high school background in science and math may need to enroll in additional courses to strengthen their academic preparation.

Fall, Freshman Year
  Principles of Chemistry I CHM 157  
  Classical Physics I PHY 200  
Winter, Freshman Year
  Principles of Chemistry II CHM 158  
  Classical Physics II PHY 201  
Spring, Freshman Year
  Principles of Chemistry III CHM 159  
  Classical Physics III PHY 202  
Fall, Sophomore Year
  General Biology ID BIO 120  
  Organic Chemistry I CHM 251  
  Calculus I MAT 210  
Winter, Sophomore Year
  General Biology IIID BIO 122  
  Organic Chemistry II CHM 252  
  Calculus II MAT 216  
Spring, Sophomore Year
  General Biology IID BIO 121  
  Organic Chemistry III CHM 253  
  Calculus III MAT 219  

Note: Principles of Chemistry I has a prerequisite of Introduction to General Chemistry or other background in chemistry

Note: General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II are taught in the summer and are equivalent to Principles of Chemistry I, II, and III.

Note: Classical Physics I has a prerequisite of College Algebra or equivalent.

Note: Students should have a strong background in advanced algebra and trigonometry before enrolling in Calculus I. College Algebra can be taken in the freshman year.

Academic Excursions

A variety of educational trips and special events for academic credit are offered each year to facilitate classroom learning. Information regarding these opportunities may be obtained from the Arts and Sciences Office or an academic advisor.

The Academy

Highly-motivated students will find that the Arts and Sciences Academy is an excellent opportunity to share experiences with people who have similar interests. Specialized classes, field trips, guest speakers, and honors banquets highlight this distinguished program. For more information on the Academy, visit the Arts and Sciences Office.

Online Education

The Arts and Sciences Division at Indian Hills Community College provides college credit courses online and during evening hours each term. Courses are also offered on campus as well as at the five county service centers. Night courses typically meet one night per week. Students wishing to mix day courses with evening courses, as well as those wishing to take all of their classes at night, enroll in these courses. Students are able to meet all Associate of Arts degree requirements during evening hours. In addition, courses leading to an A.A. degree are available at the five IHCC County Service Centers in Albia, Bloomfield, Fairfield, Oskaloosa and Sigourney. For more information, visit the County Service Centers, Arts and Sciences Office or an academic counselor.

Focus Areas

The Arts and Sciences program is designed to prepare students for a variety of majors at the baccalaureate level. During the first two years of undergraduate study, most of the coursework consists of general education courses and courses common to any major. Therefore, many students prefer to begin their educational path with a very general or ‘undecided’ direction of course work. The Arts and Sciences program is designed around that premise. However, in order to provide direction to those persons who have very definite career goals, as well as those who are experimenting with several major areas of study, Indian Hills has created focus areas for many baccalaureate fields. These are suggested courses that typically are necessary for students who wish to focus on a specific major. These have been designed around the requirements of the Iowa Regents universities, as well as the baccalaureate institutions where most Indian Hills students transfer. If students know the exact program of study and college or university where they will transfer, a more specific program can also be tailored to meet individual needs. Suggested courses for students who do not wish to focus on any particular area (undecided) are included as well.



Associate Degree

Focus Area

Students should consult with an advisor and the four-year institution to which they plan to transfer to determine specific requirements for the major they intend to pursue. The recommended courses are based on a comparison of various programs and should not be considered as a substitute for consulting with an academic advisor.