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    Indian Hills Community College
  Feb 20, 2018
College Catalog & Student Handbook 2017-18

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Music, A.A.

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Because the usual requirements in a four-year music degree begin immediately in the first year of college, the prospective music student is strongly urged to enroll in music theory at the outset: two full years of music theory is nearly a universal foundation for any music degree. This would include the Music Theory I-VI sequence and Music Theory Labs I-IV. In addition, two years (six terms) of Applied Music (private lessons) in a concentration area are recommended. Concentration areas are: brass, percussion, piano, voice and woodwinds. Participation in one or more ensembles is open to all students, and it should be a priority for the music student. Class Piano and Class Piano II are strongly recommended for the voice or instrumental student with little or no keyboard background, since the keyboard plays such a vital role in the general music education process. In addition, the Music Appreciation class makes an excellent introduction to the study of musical styles and literature in a historical perspective.

The Arts and Sciences graduate with this background of study will be well prepared to enter a music education major or minor upon transfer to a four-year college or university. Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree, the student will have many options. Among them are employment in elementary or secondary music education, church music ministry and private music instruction. The student may also enter an advanced degree program.

Preparation for IHCC:

The student who is considering a degree in music should have as much experience in vocal or instrumental ensembles as possible. An ability to read music and some keyboard proficiency would be highly desirable before entering a college music program.

Applicants may be required to complete a basic skills evaluation during the admissions process for placement purposes.

Required Courses:

Recommended Courses:

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