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College Catalog & Student Handbook 2022-2023 
College Catalog & Student Handbook 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Business Specialist - Office Management, A.A.S.

Offered at Centerville and Main Campus

The Business Specialist - Office Management program is an 18-month (six-term) program that prepares students for employment in various office positions. Students will learn to provide high-level administrative support by completing training on up-to-date software applications, demonstrating competency in accounting applications and performing administrative assistant functions such as preparing correspondence, scheduling meetings, transcribing dictation and demonstrating strong verbal and written communication skills.

To enroll, complete an application and attend any required academic orientation and information session. Students may enroll in this program at the beginning of any term.

Students meeting all program and graduation requirements receive an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Communicate effectively-both in writing and orally.
  2. Demonstrate ability to keyboard 40 nwpm on five minute timing.
  3. Learn to keyboard by touch.
  4. Ability to correctly keyboard various business documents from un-arranged copy.
  5. Demonstrate ability to ten-key by touch at 180 nspm.
  6. Understand the basic principles of computers.
  7. Utilize basic accounting principles.
  8. Apply accounting principles utilizing accounting software.
  9. Understand and use word processing concepts.
  10. Understand and use spreadsheet concepts.
  11. Understand and use database concepts.
  12. Understand and use presentation concepts.
  13. Demonstrate ability to integrate software.
  14. Demonstrate the proper procedures for mailing and shipping services.
  15. Develop ability to spell, pronounce, and define legal terms.
  16. Develop and use proper telephone techniques.
  17. Understand various methods of file management.
  18. Utilize basic math functions.
  19. Learn to work in a team environment.
  20. Develop the skills necessary to work with the user and meet deadlines.
  21. Demonstrate problem solving and decision making techniques.
  22. Research data using the Internet.
  23. Demonstrate appropriate appearance for career.
  24. Research resumes and interview techniques.
  25. Develop integrity, objectivity, and ethics in business.
  26. Understand financial analysis and interpretations.
  27. Utilize integrated learning concepts.
Program Total: 77 Credits

Total: 13 Credits

Total: 15 Credits

Term III

Total: 12 Credits

Term IV

Total: 13 Credits

Term V

Total: 10 Credits

Term VI

Total: 14 Credits

Dual Major Option

Students who wish to complete an Associate of Arts degree along with this program can do so by taking these additional courses. The Math elective chosen should be MAT 110 or higher and the Science course should have a lab component. The Cultural elective should be a three credit Literature. The three approved electives should be Macroeconomics and two Psychology courses.

  • Humanities and/or Fine Arts - Credits: 5.00
  • Composition II - Credits: 3.00
  • Math or Science Electives - Credits: 2.00
  • U.S. History or Western Civilization - Credits: 3.00
  • How to be Successful in College- Credits: 3.00
  • Distributed Core Electives - Credits 4.00

    Refer to General Education Course Requirements (A.A.S.)  for approved courses.



**Refer to General Education Course Requirements (A.A.S.)  for approved courses.

Optional Course(s)

  BUS 128 Foundation to Entrepreneurship

  WBL 100 Exploring Careers

  WBL 140 Workplace Project Based Learning

  WBL 142 Workplace Project Based Learning: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

  WBL 150 Job Shadowing