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College Catalog & Student Handbook 2023-2024 
College Catalog & Student Handbook 2023-2024

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Interactive Media Technology, A.A.S.

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Offered at Main Campus

The Interactive Media Technology program is designed for students who want to combine graphic communication skills with marketing. Students learn the fundamentals and best practices in graphic design, web design and social media. There are two emphasis areas built into the program: Interactive/Social Media Emphasis and Graphic Design Emphasis. This is a 21-month (seven-term) program.

To enroll, complete an application and attend any required academic orientation and information session. The program may be entered at the beginning of the Fall term.

Students meeting all program requirements receive an Associate of Applied Science degree. There is an optional Associate of Arts degree with additional credits.

A laptop computer and associated software is required for this program. Laptop computer and software requirements are available from the department office at (641) 683-5215.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Design and produce visually appealing professional websites utilizing industry standard software.
  2. Manage and maintain an organization's digital presence.
  3. Utilize various forms of social media platforms and integrate them into marketing strategy of an organization.
  4. Apply design fundamentals and principles within a variety of professional contexts.
  5. Create innovative digital designs utilizing industry standard software.
  6. Write effective content for the web.
  7. Effectively apply art and design concepts in the process of developing digital images.
  8. Demonstrate the ability to conceptualize, problem solve, and creatively develop digital designs.
  9. Produce an online portfolio that showcases individual technical and graphic communication skills. 
  10.  Demonstrate professionalism as it pertains to a creative work environment including attention to details, meeting deadlines, and using professional communication.
Program Total: 81 Credits Interactive Media Emphasis OR 83 Credits Graphic Design Emphasis 

Total: 14 Credits

Term II

Total: 14 Credits

Total: 14 Credits

Term IV

Total: 11 Credits

Term V Interactive/Social Media Emphasis Option

Total: 11 Credits

Term VI Interactive/Social Media Emphasis Option

Total: 8 Credits

Term VII Interactive/Social Media Emphasis Option

Total: 8 Credits

Term V Graphic Design Emphasis Option

Total: 12 Credits

Term VI Graphic Design Emphasis Option

Total: 9 Credits

Term VII Graphic Design Emphasis Option

Total: 11 Credits

Dual Major Option

Students who wish to complete an Associate of Arts degree along with this program can do so by taking these additional courses.

The Cultural elective should be a three-credit Literature. The Math elective should be Mat 110 or higher and the Science course should have a lab component.

  • Composition I & II - Credits: 6.00
  • Humanities and/or Fine Arts - Credits: 1.00
  • Math or Science Electives - Credits: 2.00
  • U.S. History or Western Civilization - Credits: 3.00
  • Social Science Electives - Credits: 6.00
  • How to be Successful in College - Credits: 3.00
  • Distributed Core Electives - Credits: 1.00

*Refer to General Education Course Requirements (A.A.S.)  for approved courses.

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