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College Catalog & Student Handbook 2023-2024 
College Catalog & Student Handbook 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Industrial Maintenance, A.A.S.

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Offered at Main Campus

The six-term (18-month) Industrial Maintenance program, which includes the 9-month (three-term) Industrial Maintenance Technician diploma program, is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully respond to a broad range of work requirements and duties within industrial, manufacturing, processing and building maintenance environments. Students learn skills in maintaining and troubleshooting electrical and mechanical systems and machinery. This program includes training in electrical, hydraulics, pneumatics, print reading, mechanical drives, pumps and lubrication. In addition, students will take coursework to develop/enhance crucial skills in mathematics, critical thinking skills and basic computer skills. Specific courses may include fundamentals of fluid power, motor controls, industrial pump systems, industrial drives and programmable logic controllers. Upon graduation, students will be awarded Associate of Applied Science degrees.  This major may be entered at the beginning of the Fall or Spring terms.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply proper practices of general safety, including OSHA, SDS, and PPE.
  2. Compute Electrical and fluid power parameters in industrial circuits.
  3. Identify symbols and components used in the Industrial maintenance trade.
  4. Analyze basic characteristics of three phase power and AC circuits.
  5. Demonstrate troubleshooting techniques in a multitude of systems used in manufacturing.
  6. Describe and install equipment and components used in manufacturing.
  7. Explain industry standards and programs.
  8. Describe DC, AC power generation and transmission of energy.
  9. Recognize software problems, as well as electrical and mechanical failures.
  10. Interpret maintenance concepts used in manufacturing.
Program Total: 62 Credits

Term I

Total: 12 Credits

Term II

Credits: 10 Credits

Total: 10 Credits

Term IV

Total: 9 Credits

Total: 10 Credits

Term VI

  • - Credits: 3.00
  • GEP XXX - General Education: Speech - Credits:  3.00*
  • OR

  • GEW XXX - General Education: Writing - Credits: 3.00*

  • - Credits: 2.00
  • GEB XXX – General Education:  Behavioral/Social Science - Credits: 3.00*


    GEH XXX – General Education: Humanities - Credits: 3.00*

Total: 11 Credits

Additional Diplomas and Certificates

Diplomas within this program include:

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